Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit

Oral work

Classroom Activities

Stories and poems

Written work



Land Transport

Air Transport

Water Transport

Phonic Drill

Picture Dictionary: Describing pictures in 3-4 familiar words

Sight words: Over –under


                     Front – back

                     More – less

Sight words:  Aeroplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, rocket

Sight words: boat, row, cat ship, houseboat, motorboat, yacht, sea, raft, kite, kit, kitchen


Air Uses

At the Zoo

At the park

Phonic drill-K, F, E

Pretend play to explore movements and sounds made by different vehicles

Explore positional directions through games and activities

Game- Give clues and Guess the name the vehicle.

Pretend play to explore movements and sounds made by different vehicles

Explore positional directions through games and activities

Game- give clues and guess the  name the vehicle

Related letter stories from Phonic Fun

Rhymes: Wheels of the bus

               Driving in my car

          Traffic signal

Story :   How Sati Travels

Rhymes: Aeroplane, Aeroplane

               I am a Helicopter

               I am going to the Moon

               Air Transport

               Row, row, row your boat

               My big blue ship



              Ten little fingers

Write letters –K, F, E

Land Transport

S1 to  S5

Air Transport

S1, S3, S3.1, S4

Water Transport

S2 ,S4, S5


Discuss about different land, air and water vehicles, their uses, parts of vehicles.

Drawing of boat, rocket

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Notebook, Pattern book and Workbook



  • Community Helpers
  • Wild and Free              
  • Wonder pets
  • ‘i’ vowel words
  • Rhyming words.
  • Sentence making using ‘a’ ‘e’ and ‘i’ vowel words
  • Reading “Communicate in English” book – ‘a’ ‘e’ and ‘i’ vowel words
  • Phonic Reader – ‘i’ vowel words stories
  • Reading Express

Sight words:

Firefighter, police officer, when, I, want, to grow, up, be, zookeeper, spots, strips, has, had, will, be, is, was, here, there, it, then, her, me, she, on, this, that, where, who, which, were, more, before, any, what, they, your, once, very, many, other, because, want, could, are, who, why.

Draw favourite part of the story

Draw where the animals in “Nanoo zookeeper” went.


  • Mister Goody’s machine
  • Nanoo zookeeper


  • Ten little firemen
  • Old MacDonald
  • Paws, claws, tails, and fur
  • Community Helpers
  • Miss Molly
  • Lion
  • Giraffe
  • Farm animals
  • The cow in the barn
  • Ek billi

Notebook and pattern book

  • 3 letter ‘i’ vowel words 
  • Rhyming words
  • Sentence making of vowel words.

For example:

I have a pin.

I like to eat a fig.

Use past, present and future tense.


  • B-10 – S-3, 4
  • B-11 – S-1, S-3
  • B12 – S2,3,5


   G.K &


  • Importance of firefighter, police officer and traffic
  • How to keep ourselves safe from fire
  • Directions and guidelines when there is a fire
  • Importance of traffic signal and traffic rules
  • Importance of personal hygiene and cleanliness
  • Information on pet animals i.e. their habitat, eating habits.
  • Identify similarities and difference between animals
  • Classification of land and water animals
  • Community Helpers
  • Animal homes, sounds
  • Domestic, wild and water animals
  • Young ones
  • Pretend play of being a fire fighter, police officer, doctor & animals’ race
  • Finger puppet of fire fighter
  • Sketch book-

-Draw what you want to be when you grow up

-Draw Animals with shapes

Models:  Wild Animals,

        Animal homes



Origami of dog, bird





Tens and ones using bundle of ice cream sticks.

Tall, short.

Positional words here and there

Build graph ( colour graph)



Numerals 41 to 50

After  and between numbers 0 to 40

Before Numbers: 0-20

Number Names: 10,11,12

Values: 21 to 30

Backward counting: 20 to 0

Missing numbers: 1-40



B-10- S-1,5

B-11 – S-1 to S-5


Revision of Swar (अ – अ:) and vyanjan (क – ज)

Reading and listening skill

Practicing on slates


Hindi workbook (Akshar Rachana)

(झ, ञ, ट, ठ, ड, ढ, ण )

    Fine and Gross

    motor skills


Hopscotch, signal game,

Finger painting, Threading beads with colours of the traffic signal.