From Parents

  1. Provide clean, well ironed and appropriate uniform to your child. The child is expected to be well groomed with a proper haircut, clean and cut nails, clean and rightly sized uniforms, polished shoes etc.
  2. Check the School Calendar and notebooks frequently and sign when necessary.
  3. Make sure that your Child attends the School on mandatory days. If that is not possible due to emergency, prior permission from the Principal should be obtained.
  4. When your Child is absent during school days due to sickness or any other reason, you must send a note on a foolscap sheet of paper to the School Office stating reason for absence along with a note in the Calendar. It is the bounden duty of the parent/guardian to keep the School informed if their ward is absent.
  5. Attendance on all report days and when called is necessary from at least one Parent.
  6. Monitor your Child’s Academic performance throughout the year and be involved in bringing in the improvement desired.
  7. Keep the Principal and concerned Teachers informed of any unusual development in the family or change in the Child’s physical and emotional environment as this affects his/her performance at School.
  8. Refrain from commenting on the Teachers in front of your Child.
  9. Take prior appointment to meet the Teachers and avoid meeting them during the Teacher’s lunch and break hours.
  10. Keep an open mind and accept responsibility when called to discuss your Child’s misbehaviour.
  11. Frequent notes from parents requesting the School Authorities to excuse their Child for not wearing the appropriate uniform will not be entertained.

From Students

  1. Accept responsibility for your appearance, work and conduct.
  2. Respect the rights of other Students and Teachers.
  3. Resolve conflict fairly and without using physical force.
  4. Approach the necessary authority when you are victimized or treated unjustly by other students and teachers.
  5. School work and homework has to be completed neatly, in time and with full understanding of the subject. Seek help from the concerned teacher when you have difficulty in understanding the lesson.
  6. Participate in the various activities of the School such as Games, Exhibitions, Competitions with preparation and enthusiasm.
  7. Pack your school bags properly and personally according to the time table for the day. Complete all missed work at the first opportunity. Utilize free time for the same.
  8. Use decent words that express your anger and concerns. Think of how you would like to be treated and treat others similarly.
  9. Take good care of the School’s property. It is your School.
  10. Encouraging and supporting misbehavior is the same as mis-behaving yourself.
  11. Conversing in English is mandatory within the School Campus and any place or event where you may represent the School.