Rules Of Discipline


1.    On School days and for all School functions, the pupils must wear the correct uniform.

2.    A pupil who has been absent from school, or is habitually late, will not be admitted to class without the Principal’s written permission.

3.    Books or periodicals (other than school), transistors, videotapes, mobile phones etc. should not be brought into the School. Possession by a Student of any of the above-mentioned articles will be confiscated.

4.    Pupils are not permitted to enter the Teacher’s Staff Room.

5.    Silence must be observed in the corridors and on stairways during class hours.

6.    Pupils may go to the laboratories and computer rooms ONLY at the time appointed; they must be accompanied by a teacher.

7.    Students are not allowed to enter any classroom other than their own during their free time or recreation time. Students found in classrooms other than their own will be dealt with accordingly.

8.    Students are not allowed to have lunch in the classrooms.

9.    Collection of money for any purpose whatsoever requires the sanction of the Principal. An account of the same must be handed over to the Principal.

10.  Attendance on the last working day and the first day of each term is compulsory. A fine will be levied if the child remain

11.  A student may be debarred form an examination if he / she remain absent from school a week prior to the examination.


1.    Pupils should take special care of School property such as furniture, apparatus, etc. with the understanding that we respect whatever does not belong to us. A fine will be levied for any damage caused to school property.

2.    Pupils are requested to take care of their personal property, as the School Authorities do not accept responsibility for loss of books, clothes, money, tiffin carriers etc.


1.    Each Student must consider it their special responsibility to keep the School and its premises clean for everyone.

2.    Every Student should be particularly careful to avoid, throwing waste paper, fruit peels, etc., out of the windows or on the School grounds. Proper use should be made of the waste paper baskets and bins provided for the purpose.


Pupils must come to School clean and tidy wearing the correct uniform. Those failing to do may be asked to return home if they do note of excuse from their parents or guardians.

1.    Uniform Socks are white, without any design and reach half way to the knees.

2.    Uniform Shoes are of black leather as per the pattern prescribed by the School. Closed back rain shoes are to be worn during the monsoon only. For P.T. and Games Plain white tennis shoes are compulsory.

3.    Hair must be done in a neat style, becoming of school girls/boys. No fancy haircuts are allowed.

4.    No jewelry or any form or decoration on the body will be permitted with the School uniform.


1.    Leave of absence is granted on previous written applications from parents or guardians, but only for important reasons.

2.    As a rule, not more than one-day’s absence will be granted to attend the wedding of a brother or a sister and one half-day for that of a more distant relative.

3.    All are expected to attend school on the reopening day after each of the vacations. Absence without previous written leave will render the pupil liable to a fine of `200/-

4.    Sectional religious holidays will be allowed only on the previous written application from parents.

5.    Pupils who have been suffering from or exposed to any infectious disease will not be allowed to attend school unless they bring a doctors certificate to state that the period of quarantine (Viz. 21 days) is complete. However, the final decision lies with the Head of the School.

6.    In case of absence without leave, the pupil on returning to School must have the reasons of absence entered and signed by parents or guardians on the Non-Attendance and Leave Record in the School Calendar.


1.    Parents are expected to cooperate with the School authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline, in seeing that their children prepare their lessons and in taking an active and helpful interest in the activities of the School.

2.    Parents and guardians are informed that occasional remarks from the teachers are usually communicated through the Calendar. They should also keep an eye on the Leave Absence and other records in the Calendar. Parents are strongly urged to see the Principal and/or teacher when they find that their child’s performance is unsatisfactory. This should be done as early as possible. It is of no use to see the Principal and /or teachers after the results of the Final Examination are declared.

3.    Parents and guardians are particularly expected to sign messages, progress reports, circular or any other similar documents when so requested. Failure to do so may put the children to great inconvenience and render them liable to be sent home.

4.    The Principal must be informed in writing if a pupil is absent on account of illness for more than a week.

5.    Parents and guardians are especially requested to notify the School of any change in their address and contact numbers.

6.    When communicating with the Principal, Parents are requested to mention in their letters the name, standard and division of their children.

7.    Parents, guardians or other persons wishing to meet the Teachers during school hours or on the School premises at other times must arranged previously for the interview through the Principal. An appointment with a member of the staff can be arranged only during the teacher’s free period. No parents, guardian or pupil is allowed to enter the Staff Room.

8.    Complaints if any should be made to the school authorities writing and not to the teachers and parents.

9.    The School will have a Parent – Teacher Association which Parents are expected to join.

10. The attendance of all Parents at School functions and on Open Days will be deeply appreciated.


1.    The School Timings are as follows:

      LKG & UKG : 8:45 am to 1:00 pm

      Std I to X     : 8:45 am to 3:05 pm

2.    If pupils especially those who reside in the vicinity of the school late for school Assembly they will be given two warning notice after which they are liable to be sent home at the parent’s own risk.

3.    No student who is absent from school or is five minutes late may be admitted to class by the teacher in charge without the prior permission of the principal. No child may leave the school premises during school hours without the permission of the Principal.



1.    In all examinations, 40% of the marks are required for a pass and 75% for a distinction.

2.    Pupils absent from an examination, for any reason, whatsoever, will not be        re-examined. Those Students, who represent the school in Inter-School Competitions, Events, and Sports Activities etc. during the Examination, will be awarded average marks.

3.    Absence from the entire examination involves a total loss of his/her marks.

4.    A Student who takes or gives dishonest help at the examinations will be debarred from the rest of the examination and he/she will get “Zero” marks. A Student may be dismissed in serious case of cheating or if he/ she is caught cheating more than once. Students who tamper with marks in the report book will be asked to leave the School.

5.    Seventy-five percent (75%) attendance is necessary to appear for an Examination.

6.    A Student who has not paid his/her fees may be debarred from an Examination.


1.     Promotions are decided on the results of the Tests and Examinations throughout the year, combined with the marks of the Final Examination.

2.    Pupils failing for two years in succession in the same class are advised to leave the School.

3.    Promotions refused will not be reconsidered.

4.    No re-tests will be conducted.


The School has a well-equipped Library & books are issued to Students once a week.

1.    On the day fixed for the issue of the books, each Student is requested to bring her/ his library book to school whether she/ he has finished reading it or not.

2.    A book may be kept for a fortnight only and not any longer.

3.    All the Students must return his / her book at the end of a fortnight, incase he/she fails to do so, a fine at the rate of `2/- per day will be levied for the same.

4.    Library books must not be interchanged with those borrowed by any other student in the School. Each Student is fully responsible for the books that she/he borrows from the library.

5.    A fine will be imposed if a book is lost or destroyed.

6.    Before the commencement of the Terminal Examination, the Librarian will see that the Students have returned the books they have borrowed.


1.    Physical Training, Games and Sports are compulsory activities on the School Curriculum.

2.    No student will be exempted from Physical Training or Games unless a Medical Certificate, clearly stating the serious medical reason for such an exemption to the Principal.


Presided over by the Principal / Head Girl and Boys these Meetings are held regularly every month. Prefects are reminded of their duties and are advised as to the manner in which they are to be performed. Moreover, the problems they encounter are discussed and fruitful solutions arrived at. The duty of each prefect is to impart a good spirit of enthusiasm for work, devotion to duty and co-operation among the members of the house, and to guide the house in its activities.



·         Applications for Admissions to Jr. KG should be made in the prescribed form. The child seeking admission to Jr. KG must be at least 3 years and 6 months old by May 31st of the new academic year. It will be necessary to submit the original birth certificate at the time of admission.

·         Admission to higher classes will be offered. For these classes an original School Leaving Certificate will have to be submitted along with a photocopy of the last report card. A general proficiency test in Math & English will be conducted & children will be chosen on the basis of Merit.

·         The Leaving Certificate of a student joining from a school outside the Maharashtra State must be countersigned by the Education Officer of the District or state in which the previous school is located, In case of late admission the fee for the first term will be charged.


·         The Guardian must give a month’s notice to withdraw a child from School. The Leaving Certificate will be issued when all dues have been cleared.

·         L.C cannot be issued immediately on receipt of application for the same.


1.    School fee for the year is to be paid in two installments.

2.    Payments must be made within 15 days of the due date in case the fees are not paid within this period then a fine of `5/- per day will be levied.

3.    Parents should ensure that the fee is paid within two months, failing which the name of the student will be struck off the register.