Jr. KG

Colouring (Monsoon)

The Jr.KG. month end activity for June July was colouring (monsoon).The students were given a picture of a rainy day for colouring. Students used their own imagination and colours of their choice while colouring .They enjoyed colouring the tiny frog, snail and the puddle. Colouring the picture within the outline helped the students to enhance their fine motor skills and their attention span, which is very important in the initial months of Jr. KG. The picture will be laminated and used as table mats by the students in school.

Sr. KG

Rosette making activity was conducted in Sr. KG classes in the month of June. Children were given Rosette cutouts and they were asked to paste their photograph.

To enhance their self esteem, teacher has written sentence like “I am special”.

Children enjoyed this activity.

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