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Subject/ Unit


Activities Conversation Oral/Reading/written work
English Different vehicles

Land vehicles

Water vehicles

Air vehicles

Story: The Car Wash. How Sati travels. Sati’s holiday. Inu and Ila. Nuts in Nikki’s nest. Carrie wants some cookies. Kenny flies a kite. .

Songs: Wheels of the bus, Aeroplane, aeroplane. I am a helicopter. Rhyme of number 1. Row, Row, Row, Your boat. The big blue ship. Let’s count number 2.If you are happy and you know it. Ten little fingers. Clean up ,I am going to the moon

It is ____(Name the day)

It is ____(Name the month)

Oral-phonic drill N, C, E, H,P,S,A,T,R,M

Writing capital letters- N, C, K, E, H, R, M.

Reading-Picture Dictionary  Pg.18 to 22, 24-25.

Tales and Tunes-Pg.42

EVS Land Transport

Air Transport

Water Transport


Sight words: Directions, in-out, over-under, up-down, front-back, car, bus, nightingale, nuts, needle, nine.

Sight words: Aero plane, helicopter, hot air balloon, rocket.

Sight words: Boat, row, cat, ship, houseboat, motorboat, yacht, sea, raft, kite, kit, kitchen.

Sight words: Holiday, suitcase, elephant, engine, egg, family, hamster, hair, horse, hat, picnic, pictures.

Use of Directions,

Discuss about different land vehicles, their uses, parts of vehicles, and their size. Discuss about safety rules.

Discuss about different air vehicles, their uses, parts of vehicles, and their size.

Discuss about different water vehicles, their uses, and their size.

Discuss about holiday with their family, different activities they do with families on a holiday, places they would like to visit.

Festival Independence day, Raksha  Bandhan,

Matching worksheet and Activity pages

Math Jobs People do


Positional directions game, sorting the shapes/objects on the basis of colour and size, sequencing of leaves

Sorting shapes according to colour.

Concept of up/down, in/out, front/back, over/under, small/big/biggest, big/small/smallest. Oral-Rote counting 1-50

Numeral recognition1, 2, 3

Writing Numerals-1, 2, 3

Hindi Songs- सड़क की बतिया, राखी,हाथी Hindi oral-
Creative Construct using blocks, Draw as per direction, Collage of hot air balloon, Building up a story,
Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Pretend play, running, obstacle course, jumping (forward/backward),

Blocks and puzzles, drawing, tearing and pasting, threading beads, play dough/clay, paper folding.


Month of August 2017:

  • Encourage your child to follow these   life skills mentioned below:
  • Take care of belongings.
  • Learn to be a good listener.
  • Follow directions.

Value Education

1. Healthy living habits.
2. Respect for elders and self.

Sr. KG

Vikhe Patil Memorial School

Newsletter: Sr KG August: 2017



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book


How does a seed grow

Jobs People Do

Vegetables, flowers, fruits

Phonic sounds

Introduction of “e “vowel words.

Sight Words:

top, bottom, in front of, behind, up down, inside, outside, I can ,see, butterfly ,ant, flower, bird, grass, milkman, gardener, postman, driver, teacher, washerwoman, post office, letters, parcel, post office, stamps, envelopes, common fruits, flowers, vegetables

Game  for  reading words

Identify helpers with pictures

Draw what they saw in the post office

Letter writing with illustrations

Post letters

Visit to school garden


Jack and the Beanstalk

Note Book

Three letter words: e vowel Words

Communicate in English

Sound and stories :i &o vowel words

Reading Express: Jobs People Do

                          In the garden


Concept of  Positional words

Visit to the post office

KWHL Chart

Draw post office

Role play

Draw positional words




Concept of

Bundles  of 10 and   sticks

After Numbers: 1- 20

Number Names – 6 to 9

Number Values  -21 – 30

Numerals: 31-50

Note Book

Number Names: Six , Seven ,eight, nine

Number Values – 21 – 30

After numbers:1-20

Numerals: 31-50


Hindi  -letters    , , 

Writing: अः

Reading and listening skills

Practicing on slates    

Hindi Vitan Book

Grafalco  practice writing  book

LIFE SKILLS: Learn to be good listen and assisting at home.

VALUES: Respect for elders, respect for self.                                               

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