Std. I

Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Bk (Green)/

Student Wk Bk (Red)

Note Book Work Activities to do at home
ENGLISH B-13 Writing a Poem (Watch ma Grow) – continued…

B -14 Retelling a Story

Reciting a poem, composing own poem, Identifying events and characters of a story, Reading, discussion, retelling of story, making word webs Reader : pages82 to 98

W/S : B – 13 – S3, S4

B – 14 – S1 to S4

Writing a poem.

Writing the events and characters of a story

Making words with  _i_e

Reading the lesson,

Composing own poems, identifying the events and characters in a story, solving practice worksheet.

EVS B13 – Homes of animals

B-14- Chirpy birds

Discussion on homes of animals, making sounds of different birds, labelling the body parts of birds, Reading the lessons. Textbook :pages 81 to 92

W/S: B – 13 – S1 to S4

B – 14 – S1 to S4

Spellings, notes on homes of animals, why do animals need a home?, how to take care of birds,

Drawing or pasting pictures of birds in the notebook.

Making a birdbath and writing the names of animals that come to the bird bath.
MATH B14 – Weight and capacity

B- 15 – Introduction to Data   Handling

Activities to compare weights by using objects like pencil, book etc,

Activities using jug, water and glass to explain capacity.

Story time “ Ramu’s stationary shop” – Data Handling

Textbook : 87 to 98

W/S : B14 – S1 to S4

B15 – S1 to S4

Comparing weights of objects by drawing them, drawing various containers used to measure the capacity of liquids, drawing tally marks for a given data. Making a simple beam balance using a hanger.

Try to organise things at your home

(use tally marks )

Additional Practice Set 3 from Xseed content book.

  • उ और ऊ , ए की मात्रा और उसके के शब्द
* वर्णों पर मात्रा लगना|

* उ और , ए मात्रा के शब्द

* शब्द भंडार , चित्र का वर्णन अपने                              शब्दमेंकरना|

  • चित्रों को निरीक्षण|
  • मौखिकपरीक्षा
  • कवितायादकरना|
  • कार्यपत्र करवाना|
शब्द लिखना|

सभी वर्णों पर उ और ऊ की मात्रा लगाना|

पाठ से नए शब्द लिखवाना|

शब्द लिखना|
MARATHI लेखनसराववाचनसराव

मूळाक्षरे वाचन लेखन


मूळाक्षरे लेखन. वाचन सामान्यज्ञान,

अंकवाचन ,गोष्ट वाचन

अंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्ट लेखन वाचन सराव उजळणी ,लेखन सराव
V.Ed Empathy Activity – Story telling , Discussion ———————— Journal work- Quote, writing an incident when you had showed kindness towards others, feelings accompanied.. Life Skill –  To respect, exhibit manners, learn to be a good listener .


Std. II

Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk (Red) Note Book Work Activities to do at home
Eng Block 15,16

Phonics Rhyme

Poem: Catching the Rain

Gram:Simple Future Tense

Make sentences with phrases, group Act:make a topic sentence, Paragraph writing, Recite a poem, discuss the main idea, make a list poem with rhyming words CB- Pg Nos. 94-105

WB- Pg Nos.34-43(Vol. 2)



Write the main idea of the poem

Parents to encourage their children to write a paragraph, and talk about actions that will happen in future
EVS Block 15,16,17


Draw a water body, sort the sources of water, brainstorm, observe different sources of water, group activity CB Pg Nos. 93-104

WB – Block-34-43

Spellings, Name sources of water, fresh and salt water, ways to prevent water pollution, forms of water, water cycle Discuss different water bodies at home, follow ways to save water and prevent water pollution
Math Subtraction Addition facts using grid

Subtraction using objects

Subtraction using place value

CB, Block 5,6, 21,22           Pg. No – 39-44

WB, Block 5,6

Block 21&22

Subtract with and without borrowing, word problems, Encourage children to make story sums using subtraction facts, calculate change while buying things
Hindi ११. खरगोश और हाथी

१२. कविता – तारे

१३. चिड़ियाँ नहाई

* चित्र का वर्णन अपने शब्दों में करना |  * मौखिक परीक्षा

* कविता याद करना

* कार्यपत्रकरवाना, पाठवाचन

* व्याकरण

* चित्रकोनिरीक्षणकरकेउसकेबारेमेंबताना, मौखिकपरीक्षा

* कविता — तारे

* पाठकेनीचेदियागयाकार्यकरना

नए शब्द लिखना|



Marathi मूळाक्षरे, सामान्यज्ञान

वाचन ,लेखन


सराव, फळांची नावे

अंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्ट लेखनवाचनसराव लेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणी
Value Ed and Life skills Empathy Life Skills : Show respect, Exhibit manners, Learn to be a good listener Discussion, Story telling, Sharing session Journal work – Quote, write an incident when you had showed kindness, feelings accompanied


Std. III

Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Book / Student Workbook Note Book Work Activities to do at home
Eng LITERATURE- Rohan’s Red T-shirt (Block 14, 15)

GRAMMAR- Compound Subject & Predicate, Simple and Compound Sentences Conjunctions

  • Paper strip activity
  • Word cards(Subject & Predicate)
Content Book – Rohan’s Red T-shirt (Block 14, 15)

WorkbookBlock 14S1, S2, S3, S4, Block 15- S1, S2, S3, S4

Literature – Spell Drill, Word Meanings, Questions & Answers

Grammar –  Compound Subject & Predicate, Simple and Compound Sentences Conjunctions

Reading of the lesson. Parents can ask their children about the learning from the story and why the author wrote the story.  Parents can encourage the children to speak and write using longer sentences including the word ‘and’; use compound sentences while talking and remind them to use words like and, but and or to join their sentences.
Evs Science B 11- Personal care and cleanliness.

Social science– B9- Textiles, B10- Festivals of India

Dupatta, saree, lungi to show them for textiles. Wall map of India. Pictures of a dyer dyeing a cloth. Printing blocks,paints, newspaper. Content Book:-Personal care and cleanliness. Textiles and festivals of India

WB – B11- S1 to S4; Social Science– B9- S1 to S4, B10- S1 to S4.

Spellings .Fill in the blanks

Question and answers and drawing.

Children can be taken to visit the handloom or other emporiums where he/she can see the traditional patterns, motifs and different fabrics of India. They can be encouraged to learn making floral patterns to decorate the house during festivals.
Math Multiplying using Area and place value.

Multiplying using Box Model

Multiplying using column method.

Children to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1 – digit using place value method.

Children will use box models to multiply 2-digit by 1 –digit numbers. Multiply 3 digit numbers by 1 digit numbers    using the box model.

Children will solve the sums using the column method. This method will encourage students to multiply numbers splitting them into hundreds, tens and ones.

Block 10- S1 to S4

Block 11-S1 to S4

Block 12-S1 to S4.

Dogging numbers, Numbers names, Multiplication sums with the help of place value blocks, Multiplication sums based on Area model, Tables from 2 to 20, Odd even numbers, Word problems based on multiplication, Addition and subtraction sums. At home students can draw place value blocks or area models to multiply different 2-and 3-digit numbers by 1 digit.

Children can make a chart of the multiplies of 10.

Quiz your child on mentally multiplying 1-9 by multiplying of 10. Ask them to tick the ones they know by heart and practice the ones they don’t know.

Hindi पाठ११ बल्ब जला,

कविता१२ बात पते की (शुरुआत)

वाचन,स्वतंत्र रूप से उत्तर लिखना,सर्वनाम

और क्रिया की दोहराई,समानार्थी शब्दों पर चर्चा,कविता पठंतर

प्रश्नोत्तर पर चर्चा और लेखन, समानार्थी और समान तुकवाले शब्दों का लेखन | कठिन शब्द,प्रश्नोत्तर ,वाक्य बनाओ, अनेक शब्दों के लिए एक शब्द लिखना | पाठकेनीचेकेस्वाध्यायकीपुनरावृत्ति, पाठपढ़ना
Marathi मात्रालेखनवाचनसराव , वाक्यलेखनसराव, माझे पुस्तक ४  वाचन , लेखनसरावसामान्यज्ञान अंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्ट , माझे पुस्तक ४ लेखन वाचन सराव , लेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणी
Value Ed and Life skills Empathy Discussion, Story Telling, Sharing session Life skill- Show respect, Exhibit manners, Learn to be a good listener Journal-Quote on empathy, write an incident of kindness shown by you. Importance of Empathy in our lives
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