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Oral work

Classroom Activities

Stories and poems

Written work





Land and Water animals

Revision of phonic sounds.

Picture Dictionary Land and water animals.

Sight words : whale, shark, sea, land, ocean, fish frog, crocodile, crab, penguin, water, turtle, sharp, vini and violin

Oral counting 1 to 50.

Number recognition: revision of numbers 11 to 15 and introduction of number 16 and 17.

Information on ocean, Iceland sea.

Discuss about different characteristics of land and sea animals.

Talk about the cleanliness of sea, ocean, beaches and how to keep them clean and not to pollute them.


   Introduction and information of                  sea animal’s whale and shark.

  • Information of animals that live on both land and water eg frog, turtle, penguin, crab and crocodile.
  • Number game using number cards
  • Bear on the mountain run,run,run.
  • Read the number and jump correctly.

Concept – Long and short.


  • Phonic Fun: Vinnie plays the violin.
  • Sara and the penguin.

Songs –

The Little Green Frog.

Pretty Little Penguin.

Small letters c,a,d.

Read the number and draw the correct number of objects:

1 to 10.

Number 11 in the


Happy Learning: page 57,80,60,61.


Page no. 43, 63.





Creative Activity

The Green World of Plants

Dictionary The Green World of Plants.

Sight words:
plants, flowers, leaves, garden, grass, trees, twig, long, short, Willy, soil, water.

Revision of number 1 to 50.

Things required to make a garden,

Importance of plants and how to take care of them.

Making small paper flowers

Discussion on what are plants and where do we see different types of plants i.e. Garden.

Number game : read the  number  and stand on the same number,

Make a tower using the correct number of blocks.

Making a garden model.

Sketch book: Draw objects that are green in colour.

Phonic Fun Willy and the Wanda race.

Blue Birds garden.


8 Yellow flowers,

Plant is Born

Small Letters



Number 12 and 13 in the notebook.

RAB Page 83.

Happy learning

Page no. 6, 63, 64.


Recognition  and reading     

सब्जी ले लो

Gross Motor  skills

Fine motor skills

Running, walking forward, backward,

Blocks, jigsaw puzzles, threading beads, clay.

Encourage your child to follow theses life skills mentioned below.
Life skills: 1 Learn to share.      2. Help each other.
VALUE EDUCATION:   1.Save paper. 2. Friendship.

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

             Stories & Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook


When the wind blows

Marvellous Machine

Introduction of

‘th’ words – thumb, thorn, thrash, three, throw, thirsty, think, thank, thing.

Introduction of –   br blends-  brother, brown, bread, branch, broom, break, bring, brim.

‘bl’ words – blue, block, blob, blew, blanket, blood, bloom, blade,

‘fl’ words – flip, float, flora, flag, flat, flew, flower, flap

‘gr’-green, grey, grow, grass, grin, grill, great, grapes, greet.

Sight words:

wind, blow,  thunder, thorn, thick, thin, Thursday, thorn, thread, thirteen, three, thermometer, burst, prick, bloat, bread, brown, bracelet, brother, bridge, brick, bride, broom, brush, blew, black, blue, blob, blankets, block, blouse, blade, black, blackboard, words begin with br and bl blend.

‘I Spy’ game.

Activity with balloon and cheeks.

‘I sent a letter ’game.

Drawing- vehicles with wheels.

Make vehicle with match box

Pretend to make sounds & movements

Of different machines.


Thiru & Thapki.


I can Feel the Wind

Brother Brown Bread

Black and Blue bubbles I blew.


When the wind blows-W/S-S2, S2.1, S3, S3.1

Marvellous Machine – W/S – S2.1, S3.1, S4.


Weather Chart

Daily  routine

Make Blow painting

Draw to show one thing that moves.

Wind tester.

Wind catcher.

Draw ‘See-Saw’


Count forward and backward 1-20

Concept of more than.

Concept of less than.

The Mystery Game

Tell Routine in school and Number card game

Game Walk back the path

Note Book

Number name 18,19,20

Revision of number names 1-17, between numbers, before, after numbers 1    20, Random values upto 50.



Reading and listening of all swar & vyanjan

Hindi Vitan &

Grafalco  practice writing  book

Life skills : – Do not waste food.
Value education :- Nutrition.

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