The 68th Republic Day celebrations began with the prayer, ’Hamko Man ki Shakti Dena’. Following this, our chief guest for the day, Dr. Manoj Narwade, accompanied by our principal, Mrs. Kiran Jadhav, hoisted our national flag. Next, Sinhika Deshmukh, of Class XI, delivered an English speech, highlighting our nation’s achievements and the social issues prevalent today. This was followed by a Hindi Song, “Nanna Munna Raahee Hoon”, through which the young students of classes 1 and 2, displayed their respect for the Indian Armed Forces. This was followed by a Hindi speech, by Shruti Datar of Class X, wherein she informed the gathering about Republic Day and its significance. After this, was the highlight of the program, the tableau display, in which the classes from 6 to 11 each showcased a tableau, representing 5 states of India, Jammu and Kashmir, Rajasthan, Kerala, West Bengal and Uttar Pradesh. Each display highlighted the state’s cultural diversity, rich history and also famous folk dances. It was a stunning display of unity in diversity. Next, over 300 students from Classes 3 to 6, performed, ”Sada Ho Vandemataram”, a patriotic song, with gripping beats. The feeling of patriotism was aroused in the crowd as the song progressed. After this performance, our chief guest, Dr Manoj Narwade, felicitated the school’s state and national level players. The program concluded with the entire gathering, singing the National Song, and distribution of sweets to the students.   

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