4Dr. Ashok Patil , is the first Indian to become a President of International Association of agricultural Medicine and Rural Health (IAAMRH).
Before being elected as President, he has served the Association in various capacities.

Dr. Ashok Patil along with Magsaysay Award Winner Padmshree Dr.Rajanikant Arole founded the Indian Chapter of the Association in 1988, under the auspices of Pravara Medical Trust, Loni. (Maharashtra state, India).
Under the leadership of Dr. Patil, the Indian chapter has organized an Asian Congress in “Innovative Approaches to Rural Health” in January 1993 and an “International Conference on Woman and Child – Health, Empowerment, Rights and Development, in November 1998, in Loni, which were well attended by representatives from all over the world. Read More

Board of Trustees

SrNo. Name of the Trustee Background
1. Dr. Ashok Patil
M.BA (Management), Ph.D. (Health Economics)
President of International Association of agricultural Medicine and Rural Health (IAAMRH)
2. Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil
Member of Parliament
Ex-Union Minister for Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises
Ex-Minster of State for Finance, Govt. of  India.
3. Dr. Pradeeprao Pawar
Leading Gynecologist
4. Dr. Jeroo Kurus Coyaji
Ph.D. (Economics), M.A, B.A
Chairperson, Bharatiya Samaj Kendra, (BSSK)
Hon. Administrator, K.E.M. Hospital, Blood Bank
5. Dr. Manoj Narwade
Trustee & Secretary
Ph.D, M.M.S. ,BA



principal-nasikPrincipal’s Message

It is with great pleasure, I welcome you to Vikhe Patil Memorial school, Nashik (VPMS) 

VPMS is committed to help our students develop the skills for successful learning. It is done in a safe & nurturing atmosphere in which each child further develops cognitive, social & fine motor skills . As our school motto states, We believe in all round development of each child that enters our portals. 

Along with academics- sports & co-curricular activities are given its due importance & we firmly believe that a child must be exposed to a number of activities to enable him/her to explore his/her potential and talents. 

Respect is an underlying factor in all aspects of the school. In addition to the above the school also gives the priority to moral education & inculcate high moral values & attitude of service to the community. 

As it is said by Albert Einstein – “One is considered successful in his day who gets more out of life than he puts in. But a man of value will give more than he receives”. 

Students are encouraged to respect themselves, their peers, their teachers, the building, and their community. While respect goes well beyond this, it is an essential component in the development of young adults. We have designed a special programme of Yoga & Meditation, to help them to build up their concentration & develop themselves. 

We believe that communication is vital, if we are to succeed in educating your children to their fullest potential. We must know each other’s expectations and together strive to meet them to the ultimate benefit of each child. When the home and school establish common understandings, the education of each child will certainly be enhanced. The ongoing partnership between parents and teachers is vital to your children’s success. VPMS offers many opportunities for parents to have an open discussion & involvement in the progress of the child. 

We encourage you to feel free to call us if you require further information or if you have information, which will ultimately assist us in creating a warm, caring, and supportive environment for all children. 

Mrs.Pallavi C.Vidhate