1. Pupils are answerable to the School Authorities for their conduct both in and outside School. 

2. Running about and shouting inside the School building is not allowed. 

3. Destruction of personal and school property is forbidden. Any damage done to the school premises or property by students He / she has to be made good. 

4. The school does not accept responsibility for any loss of the property belonging to any child. Large sums of money and valuables should not be brought to school. 

5. The classrooms, corridors and school grounds should be kept clean. Dustbins are to be used. 

6. Children are expected to take care of their books, and not tear out pages. 

7. Scribbling on walls, desk and books is not allowed. 

8. All students must speak English in the School. 

For Parents


Rules of Discipline 

1. On school days,Term I & Term II report days,Board Exams and for all school functions, the students must wear the neat and clean uniform along with the ID card . 

2. Students are strictly prohibited from carrying any printed material in the form of periodicals, novels or any magazines to school which do not bear the school seal or library seal on them. 

3. They are also not permitted to carry or use any electronic gadgets like cell phones, mp3/mp4 players, i-pods,cameras, handy cams, pen drives etc. within the school premises. If any students are found in possession of the above mentioned articles, it will be confiscated and WILL NOT BE RETURNED. 

4. Students found engaged in the act of bullying, using foul language or involved in any unacceptable behaviour will be strictly dealt with. 

5. Students should refrain from loitering in the corridors or the restricted areas of the school campus like the CMRD area or canteen. 

6. Student must use the class outpass for movements outside class or with a written note from the concerned teacher. Failing to do so will call for strict action accordingly 

7. Students feeling unwell during school hours must check in and out of the sick room by getting the health record data sheet duly signed from the concerned authorities. 

8. A pupil who has been absent from school for a prolonged period of time without prior submission of an application will not be admitted to class without the Principal’s written permission. 

9. Pupils are not permitted to enter the teacher’s staff room. Silence must be observed in the corridors and on stairways during class hours. 

10. Pupils may go to the laboratories and computer rooms ONLY at the time appointed; the must be accompanied by teachers. 

11. Students are not allowed to enter any classroom other than their own during their free time or recreation time. Students found in class rooms other than their own will be dealt with accordingly. 

12. Students are not allowed to have lunch in the class rooms. They are advised not to purchase eatables from the hawkers. 

13. There will be no celebrations of teachers birthdays .Collection of money for any purpose is strictly prohibited. 

14. Marks are given for class work and home work – it is therefore of utmost importance that students maintain their notebooks and ensure that class work and home work is presented neatly and is always completed and submitted as per schedule. 

Absence, Leave and Late – coming 

1. Children are expected to come to school on time and leave the school premises immediately School hours. 

2. Those coming late to school in the morning will be marked absent for the day. 

3. Half –day leave will not be sanctioned. If a child is ill or has to attend a function he/she must remain at home. 

4. If a child is absent for 1 or 2 days, the parent should write the reason for absence in the Leave /Absence Record in this diary. 

5. Applications for leave for 3 days or more should be made in writing. 

6. If a pupil is absent through illness for more than 2 days, a doctor’s certificate should be submitted along with the above application. 

7. Pupils who remain absent for more than a month without notice4 are likely to be struck off the roll. 

8. Pupils returning to school after a contagious illness should produce a fitness certificate form a doctor, permitting them to resume school. 

9. Parents are advised to take note that 75% attendance is necessary for child to be promoted at the end of the year. Repeated or long absence could result in detention in the same class. 

10. As the School encourages many activities for the children, please ensure that your child attends/participates in these and does not remain absent without serious cause on such days. 

11. All students are expected to attend School on the re-opening day after each vacation. If the student is unable to do so, the School should be informed in writing on, or before the re-opening day. If no written application is received, on time, the student will be fined. 

Care of School Property

1. Pupils should take special care of school property such as furniture, apparatus etc. with the understanding that we respect whatever does not belong to us. A fine will be levied for any damage done to school property 

2. Pupils are requested to take care of their personal property as the School Authorities do not accept responsibility for loss of books, clothes, money, Tiffin carriers etc. 

3. Every student is given a personal locker, to reduce the burden of carrying too many books to school.It is the student’s responsibility to maintain these lockers in good condition. Any school property damaged by the students will have to be replaced by them. A fine will be levied for any damage done to school property. 


School Cleanliness 

1. Each student must consider it their special responsibility to keep the school and also the school premises clean for everyone. 

2. VPMS is an Eco friendly School that is committed to protecting the environment. Every student must support and maintain this cause. It will be highly appreciated if students display conscious and eco friendly acts like E.g. Strictly Say No to Poly Bags, avoid littering the campus, segregate waste in wet and dry bins, save water, electricity 

3. Every student should be particularly careful to avoid, throwing waste paper, fruit peels etc. out of the windows or on the school ground. Use should be made of the waste paper baskets and bins provided for the purpose. 


School Uniform 

1. Every student must wear neat and clean uniform along with ID card while in school campus,or representing the school at any programme, function,competition or Board Exams etc.Those falling to do so may be asked to return home. 

2. Uniform Socks are white, without any design and reach half way to the knees. 

3. Uniform shoes are or black leather as per the pattern prescribed by the School. Closed black rain shoes are to be worn during the monsoon only. For P.T. and Games, plain, white tennis shoes are compulsory. 

4. Students must wear a blue cardigan when necessary (either with full sleeves or sleeveless) No other colour is permitted. Every student must have his/her name written on the cardigan 

5. Students should come to school with their hair well groomed.No fancy hair cuts,spikes,hair do or colouring of the hair will be permitted. Girls must wear a hairband or tie ribbonon their hair.Girls are permitted to wear studs in their ears.Any breach will lead the student being warned twice and then suspended from school activities and being made to perform community service. 

6. No jewellery or any form of decoration on the body,eg. bracelets,chains, religious cords,nose rings,fancy watches applying henna on hands tattos etc. will be permitted during school hours and within the school premises. 

School Library

The School has a well equipped library & books are issued to students once a week 

1. On the day fixed for the issue of the books, each student is requested to bring her / his library book to School whether she / he has finished reading it or not. 

2. A book may be kept for a fortnight only and not any longer. 

3. All the students must return his / her book at the end of a fortnight, in case he / she fails to do so, a fine at the rate of Rs.2/- per days will be levied for the same. 

4. Library books must not be interchanged with those borrowed by any other student in the school. Each student is fully responsible for the book that she / he borrows from the library. 

5. A fine will be imposed if a book is lost or destroyed. 

6. Before the commencement of the terminal examination, the librarian will see that he students have returned the books they have borrowed. 

Physical Training and Games 

1. Physical Training, Games and sports are compulsory activities on the school curriculum 

2. No student will be exempted from Physical Training of Games unless a medical certificate, clearly stating the serious medical reason for such an exemption is submitted to the Principal. 

School Council Meeting 

Presided over by the Principal/Head Girl and Boy these Meeting are held regularly every month. Prefects are reminded of their duties and are advised as to the manner in which they are to be performed. Moreover the problems they encounter, are discussed and fruitful solutions arrived at. The duty of each Prefect is to impart a good spirit of enthusiasm for work, devotion to duty and co-operation among the members of the House, and to guide the House in its activities. 


Expectations of VPMS 

1. Accept responsibility for your appearance, work and conduct. 

2. Respect the rights of other students and teachers. 

3. Resolve conflict fairly and without using physical force. 

4. Approach the necessary authority when you are victimized or treated unjustly by other students and teachers. 

5. Schoolwork and homework has to be completed neatly, in time and with full understanding of the subject. 

6. Seek help when you have difficulty in understanding the lesson. 

7. Participate in the various activities of the school such as games, exhibitions, competitions with preparation and enthusiasm. 

8. Pack your school bags properly according to the days time table and complete all missed work at the first opportunity. 

9. Use decent words that express your anger and concerns. Think of how you would like to be treated and treat others similarly. 

10. Take good care of the school’s property. It is your school. 

11. Encouraging and supporting misbehavior is the same as misbehaving your self. 

12. Conversing in English language is mandatory within the school campus.