Faculty/Section Co-ordinators

Mr. Amol Patil has joined Vikhe Patil Memorial School Pune, in the year 2009. He possesses  14 years of teaching experience. ( 6 th year in this school )Teaches mathematics to grade XI and XII

He believes  that education is a never ending process and the aim of educator is to make one realise ” how to think” more than ” what to think”. Additionally, the teacher is not merely a teacher but a facilitator and a true transformer.   

Dedicated, resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the academic growth and development of every child is the need of the hour and each and every teacher should strive hard to achieve this goal.

He firmly believes that the teacher should create a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating, encouraging, and adaptive to the varied needs of  the students and make his teaching more interactive.

Mr. Amol Patil takes keen interest in trekking, listening to music and playing cricket.

Amol Patil

Vice-Principal and Senior Secondary Co-ordinator

Mrs. Anjali Naik is currently serving as the School Co-ordinator of Vikhe Patil Memorial School. She looks after all the academic and co-curricular activities of the school. Over almost two decades of her career, she has been actively involved in grooming students on various aspects like debate, extempore, recitation and other English learning activities. In her tenure as an educator, she has served all the four boards – IGCSE, ICSE, CBSE and Maharashtra State Board.
At her fifth year in VPMS, Mrs. Anjali Naik is currently involved in co-ordinating various co-curricular as well as academic activities of the school. She teaches Economics and Business Studies to std. X and XI, respectively. 
Anjali Naik


Mrs Jyothi Menon has been working in Vikhe Patil Memorial School for the past 14 years. She teaches the often feared subject, Mathematics and strives to inculcate a liking towards the subject in all her students. Helping her realize this wish is the Maths club, “Ramanujans  of Today” that she heads for the school. With a desire to get more involved with students and understand them better, she took up a course in counselling and Psychotherapy and remedial teaching. She also had an opportunity to be part of the student exchange programme with Alvboda Friskola in Sweden. She enjoys interacting with students of all ages and believes that the more you are open to learning from children, the more you evolve as a teacher.


Jyothi Menon

Co-ordinator: Secondary School

Mrs.Manisha Joseph, Co-coordinator for the Middle School, teaching History & Political Science to Std IX & X. She has done her schooling from the prestigious St. Columba High School, Mumbai. She completed her Teacher’s Training Certificate for Anglo Indian Schools from St. Margaret’s Institute, Mumbai and Home Science from Nirmala Niketan College, Mumbai. She did her graduation in Sociology and MA in History from the University of Bombay. She then went on to do Bachelors in Education from the Tilak Maharashtra University, standing 4th in merit. Later she did her Masters in Education and also Post Graduate Diploma in School Leadership and Management from IGNOU.

She has over 15 years teaching experience and has taught in CBSE, ICSE and SSC schools. She is also trained in Leadership from Haggai Institute, India and is a trained counselor. Her passion is teaching using innovative methods and her hobbies include cooking, gardening and reading.

Manisha Joseph

Co-ordinator: Middle School

Mrs Aindrila Sinha, currently the co-ordinator for Std IV and V has been in the teaching profession for some time and has a total teaching experience of over fifteen years. She is also the English co-ordinator for Std IV and V and has been with the VPMS family teaching English to the young learners of standard IV for the last 10 years. She has done her early schooling from Pratt Memorial School, Kolkata and is a post graduate in History from Kolkata University. She thoroughly enjoys working with children and has the innate ability to understand and motivate the young minds. She is a warm and caring person who wants all children to be successful and independent learners.

Her interests include reading, painting, cooking and travelling. She firmly believes that learning is a journey and with every passing day she has evolved as a better teacher whose sole motto is to nurture the young minds of today.

Aindrila Sinha

Co-ordinator: Primary School (Std IV and V)

Mrs. Sheetal Upadhye, the Co-ordinator of Std. I-III is a dynamic person. Born and raised in Pune,  she is an alumna of the Convent of Jesus and Mary, St Joseph’s Pashan, Pune and later of the Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune where she bagged the prestigious Saraswati Prasad Award, as the best passing out all round student. The Adarsh Comprehensive College of Education and Research also adjudged her with ‘The Best passing out Teacher Award’ during her B.Ed. Recently, she had also been to Alvboda Friskola School – Sweden, as a part of the ‘Student Teacher Exchange Programme’ to get an insight into the best teaching practices in Value Based Education.

Every child is unique; and believing in this inherent capability of a child, Ms Sheetal Upadhye started her journey as an academician with the VPMS family nine years ago. Her interest and talent in the cultural field are abound. She has been proactive in the cultural milieu of the school and firmly believes that ‘Education does not just happen inside the classroom, but goes beyond’. She is able to infuse some of her exuberance in students by training them in various cultural events. Her creative work has received critical appraisal from one and all. Some of her creations:

Heal the World, 2011: A musicale depicting the current scenario and how children can overcome it.
Circus, 2012: Creating a live circus on stage with around 160 students giving the message ‘Save Animals’.
A Farmer’s Tale of Woe, 2013: Depicting the precarious conditions of Indian farmers and how they are driven to suicide.
Colours of the World, 2014: A glimpse of various countries and continents depicting the importance of maintaining harmony in our World.
Heaven is A Place on Earth, 2015: The path breaker act for the Silver Jubilee Celebration of the school, this play was a whole some treat that encompassed dance, drama and music.
The Unsung Battle of 1962- A Tribute, 2016: A tale laced with bravado that depicted the life of a true blue soldier.
Powada: Inspiring Marathi songs on the life of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, Late Padmashri Vitthal Rao Vikhe Patil and Late Shri Balasaheb Vikhe Patil have been composed by her.

Her acts and plays have been the cynosure of everyone’s eyes and connect and appeal to the audience because of their simplicity and underlying messages. Currently she is the Cultural Coordinator of VPMS, Pune; along with being the Coordinator for Classes I-III.

Her multitude of interests include singing, classical dance, gymnastics, fines arts and choreography to name a few. At work, she enjoys the individual differences in students and believes that though each child is different, all of them are ‘special’ and that sooner or later, according to their own inbuilt time table, they all learn.

Sheetal Upadhye

Cultural Head & Co-ordinator: Primary School (Std I - III)

Mrs Neetu Khubchandani, our Pre-primary Supervisor, is an enthusiastic and committed educator with about 15 years of experience in academics and administration. With prior experience that spans from pre-primary to primary, she now chooses to concentrate on the development of students in early childhood. She believes that a strong base in the early stages is the key in empowering children for a bright and successful future.

Post her graduation in BSc she took up a career in teaching. Her qualifications include a Degree in Bachelors in Education and Diploma in Early Child Care. Prior to joining Vikhe Patil Memorial School, she was teaching at DAV Public School, Pune.

Currently, as the Pre-primary Supervisor she strives to help her team bring the best opportunities and avenues of learning to the children. Her aim is to improve student’s acquisition of basic knowledge using new interactive methods and to motivate, inspire and inculcate values for overall growth and development of students as complete and thorough individuals.

Neetu Khubchandani

Co-ordinator: Pre-Primary School