The Entrepreneurship Development Program was organized on 10th February 2017. The aim was to make students aware about personal qualities required to be a successful Entrepreneur.

The eminent speakers during the program were Mr.Rohit Lalwani and Mr.Prashant Nimbalkar.

Mr.Rohit Lalwani is a Director of Tradexs .He also conducts Entrepreneurship Training programs at CIIE IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Indore, IIT Mumbai and Kharagpur etc where he guides students to select Entrepreneurship as a career option. 

Mr.Lalwani started his session with ice breaker by explicating the qualities of successful entrepreneurs. To be a successful entrepreneur he/she must not bother about external circumstances and consequences .They must believe in themselves and take lead for the mission they think they want to achieve. People who think out of the box make their own way rather than following someone else’s route. An entrepreneur must be highly optimistic about the goal he decides. He should be aware of his strength and weaknesses. Mr.Rohit Lalwani emphasized that Entrepreneurs should never get disappointed due to failures, on the contrary they should make failure as their best friend .Failure is the best teacher .However it is never imbibed like a success. He also illustrated incidences of failures in day to day life in the corporate world. Then he revealed that as one faces failure with courage, failure becomes stepping stone to the success. 

Another speaker Mr.Prashant Nimbalkar was associated with ACG PAMPAC Group as Head HR before he took the plunge into Entrepreneurship. He is Founder of Worldwidemakers , HR and Training Consultancy Organization.

Mr.Prashant Nimbalkar started his session by explaining the importance of willingness to get involved and learn in the field he is interested in .He described personality as the way a person behaves in particular situation and in a particular environment .Perception is the way one understands in a particular situation. He clarified about the concept of attitude by screening a video clip .It suggested that right and positive attitude is everything in life. He also made clear that fear exists only in a person’s way of thinking. It does not even have a place in mind. Mr.Nimbalkar concluded the session by displaying a matrix wherein various skill sets required for the three levels of management i.e. Top, Middle and Junior. One important characteristic is Human skills required in all the three levels. Other skills such as technical and conceptual skills have secondary importance as compared to human skills.

The Program was well appreciated by the M.B.A. First and Second year students.

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