Subject/ Unit

Oral work

Classroom Activities

Stories and poems

Written work





Caterpillars and butterflies

Hot and Cold


Give words beginning with the letter sound

Picture Dictionary: Describing pictures in 3-4 familiar words

Animals Homes

Sight words:  butterfly, flower, leaf, park, egg caterpillar, pupa

Sight words:   hot, cold, cake, water, ice, snow, boil, sun, tea, summer, winter

Sight words:  :  home, rain, cold, heat, tree, bird, nest, long, far, near, 

Phonic drill  o,p,q,r,s,t,u

Discussion: Things seen in garden garden and  life cycle of butterfly

Discussion : concept hot and cold

Discussion about different animal’s homes.

Related letter stories from Phonic Fun

Story: The Caterpillar’s Story

Rhymes: Five Little Butterflies

Story:  The Hot Cake

Rhymes: Nine Hot Cakes, Hot Potato and Cold Spaghetti

Story – Where is My Home

Rhymes:  If I was a bird

Write letters   o,p,q,r,s,t,u



S3, S3.1


Rote counting 1 to 40

Identifying  Numerals 31-35

Concept: Long and short, Big and  Small


Write numeral 17,18,19,20


Recognition of letter  ,

words beginning with    ,

Rhyme: तितली रानी,बिल्ली गयी दिल्ली



  • Drawing of life cycle of butterfly.
  • Drawing of animals homes

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills


Passing the ball.

Throw a ball at a given target

play dough/clay


      Value Education:

  • Love for animals
  • Friendship

       Life skills:

  • Water plants.
  • Understand the value of exercise and good nutrition.


Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook


  • Ticking Time
  • Little Discoveries
  • All Time Rhymes

This/That Sentences

– Yes/No Concept

– ‘oo’ long and short sound

– ‘ee’  long and short sound

– Position words-in, on ,under

– Use of ‘and’

– Action words

– Introduction of blends – dr, pr, tr,  gl, pl, sl words.

– Picture reading (make sentences).

Sight Words:

Blend words

Play Game

  • Statue
  • Treasure Hunt
  • How many are there on the tree
  • Show, add

Role Play

‘Humpty Dumpty’: go on an investigation of wall

Ticking Time-

– Draw a clock to tell time.

-Underline ‘i’ words in the story

Little Discoveries

-See the picture and tell the story

-Underline ‘o’ vowel words

-Ask questions about the story

-Sorting the words according to their end sound


  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • On a Gardener’s Apple Tree
  • Old Mother Goose
  • Dotted frogs


  • ‘i’ vowel story

Mr. Fix it-Can You Fix?

  • ‘o’ vowel story

Mox the Fox and Bob the Dog

  • ‘u’ vowel story

Tup the Pup

Note Book

Blend words – dr, pr, tr, gl, pl, sl.

Picture composition

This/That Sentences

– Yes/No Concept

– ‘oo’ long and short sound

– ‘ee’  long and short sound

– Position words-in, on ,under

– Use of ‘and’

– Action words


Ticking Time-S4, S5

Little Discoveries –S3,S4, S5

All Time Rhymes –S2,S5


Conversation(Ticking Time)

-Discuss about different things we do at different times in a day.

-Read time by a clock.

-Play the game earn your favorite time.

-Talk about the usefulness of clocks and calendars.

Conversation and experiments (Little Discoveries)

– Experiment to explore the shape of water in different containers

– Magnet fun.

– Touch and talk about wet and dry objects.

– Experiment with objects which can be and objects which can’t be squeezed.

– Drawing daytime and nighttime activities.

-Drawing of a clock.



Make and count bundles in a minute


– Count and say how many.

Note Book

Number Names: 41 to 50

Values: 51 to 75.

After number : 1- 20

Backward counting: 40 to 0.

Tell the time

Skip counting : 5

Clock (my own time)


Hindi letters:-

Reading and listening skills .Revision of Swar :,


Akshar Rachana

Nb. with pictures.

Fine and gross motor skills


Hop, jump, run and crawl at varying speed, passing the ball &Simon says


                               LIFE SKILLS: Punctuality                                                VALUES: Conservation of water.

                            Sr. KG A:

                            Sr. KG B:

                            Sr. KG C:                                                           Pre-Primary Coordinator                                                           Principal

                            Sr. KG D