Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit

Oral work

Classroom Activities

Stories and poems

Written work





Summer Season

Winter Season

Monsoon Season


Give words beginning with the letter sound

Picture Dictionary: Describing pictures in 3-4 familiar words

Season and Sources of  Water

Sight words :season ,summer ,hot ,road ,river ,radish,,

rabbit, mouse, fruits, vegetables, magic, picnic

Sight words :winter, cold, muffler, jacket, snow, snowman, dinosaur, drums, dog, goat, guava, grapes, glass, grass, snowflake, coat, hat, mitten

Sight words: umbrella, gumboots, raincoat

Sight words: octopus, olives, office, holiday ,rainy season ,suitcase, wet, jellyfish

Discussion on Summer, rainy& winter: clothes, food, fruits vegetables and games

Explanation of Water Cycle

Phonic drill-O,U,R,J,Z,V

Treasure hunt of summer fruits/vegetables

Sequencing of the story

Mock picnic in the classroom

Hands on experience on sequencing(leaves, shapes)

Related letter stories from Phonic Fun

Story: Summer Fun

Rhymes: Here we go round the Mulberry Bush, Let us count, Summer Time

Story : Mr. Snowman

Rhymes: Winter is here

Story: The Little Raindrop

Rhyme: I hear Thunder


-What do you like to do in summer?





-Rain, Rain oh! lovely

Write letters O,U,R,J,Z,V

Writing Serially A-M

Summer Season


Winter Season

S2, S4

Monsoon Season

S1- S3, S3.1


S2, S5 ,S5.1



Counting number of days

Rote counting 1 to 20

Identify numerals 15-20

Jig saw puzzles.

Sorting rectangle/triangle, semi-circle/circle

Discussion about the activities done in morning ,afternoon ,evening and night

Concept: more/less, heavy/light

Write numeral 6,7 & 8


Recognition of letter 

Name words beginning with  

Rhyme :  Dusshera & Diwali


Drawing Activity of all  seasons

Colouring Activity  Monsoon Season

Draw imaginary scene of your favourite holiday

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Hurdle race, running ,hopping .Simon says

Blocks and puzzles, clay, threading beads,  painting

Value Education: Not hurting others                                                                                            Life skills:  Keep clothing’s on hooks or hanger                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook



  • Ways to Travel
  • Neighbourhood
  • Phonic sounds
  • 2 and 3 letter o words
  • Reading of “u” vowel words
  • Rhyming words 😮 vowel words
  • Sentences related o vowel words

Sight words:

My, there, is, a, bun, sun, gun, fun, nun, bug, dug, rug, mug, jug, cup, sup, pup, tub, cub, rub, neighbourhood, neighbour, eleven, twelve, thirteen                                 

  • Discussion on modes of transport
  • Game:  three letter fun.
  • Draw neighbourhood


The enormous turnip

The Reading Express: In my Neighbourhood.


  • Grocer’s Shop
  • Senorita
  • Vehicles
  • Train

Note Book and pattern book

3 letter”o” vowel words.

Rhyming words:   cot- hot-not- got.

Sentences: o vowel words


Ways to travel     S2 –S4,S4.1

Neighbourhood – S1- S4


G.K & Conversation       

  • Weather Update
  • Golden rules
  • Safety rules
  • Daily routine.

  • Vehicles
  • At the railway Station
  • At the Swimming Pool
  • At the Airport
  • Introduction of the concept of floating and sinking through experiments
  • Pretend to be different vehicles and do actions accordingly.                                        
  • Blowing things that are light and heavy.
  • Create a neighbourhood model and label the places.
  • Make a KWL chart about  neighbourhood


  • Traffic lights
  • Pomp ,tring, zoom, chuk



  • Values: 1- 25 using ice cream sticks.
  • Number names 1-13
  • Revision of numerals up to 50.
  • Revision of concepts

Revision:  Number names 1-13

                  Numerals 1 -50

                  Oral: 1-50

Note Book

Written: Numerals :1-50

Number names:1-13




Serially:  Revision of Swar ( 🙂 Writing of: to     

Reading and listening skill

Practicing on slates

Hindi work book (Akshar Rachana)

( 🙂 Writing of:   to 

Fine and Gross motor skills

Beading and lacing.

Simon game, Walking on a plank, walking in  zigzag

Life Skills

1) Listen carefully                             
2) Be attentive          

Value Education

1) Honest
2) Manners




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