Jr. KG

Basket making (March2018)

The month end activity for March was basket making. The students decorated a printed paper glass with a crepe paper frill and a satin ribbon handle was attached to. It was an easy activity for the students and they could do it on their own. The students came up with different ideas as to what they would like to keep in the basket. They were excited to see the basket and thoroughly enjoyed the activity and wanted to take the basket home.

Sr. KG

Month End - Sr KGMonth end activity of Sr. KG for 2018 was making flowers from egg cartons. Children used cutouts of egg carton to paint using vibrant colors.

The objective of this activity was not only to improve eye and hand coordination but also to make creative things out of waste. Children enjoyed the last activity of this Academic Year 2017-18.

Stds I, II, III

Activity Plan– The Month End Activity for March 2018 for the students of Classes I, II and III was Sursangam- Indian Classical Based Songs.  The students sang age appropriate Hindi Classical Songs. The programme began with welcoming the Guests of Honour for the day namely, Principal, Mrs. Bhosale, Vice-Principal, Mr. Patil and School Co-ordinator, Mrs. Naik. Each class came up with a unique and differently conceptualised songs. The students of Classes I and II were trained by Music Teacher, Mrs. Rajinder Chande. The following songs were sung by the students of the respective classes-

  • Std I A and B- Hum Bachche Hain, Hum Sachche Hain
  • Std I C and D- Padenge, Likhenge, Karenge Achcha Kaam
  • Std II A- Ghir Ghir Aai Re Badariya Kari Kari Re
  • Std II B- Cham Cham Dahalij Pe Aaie Mausam Ki Pahali Baarish
  • Std II C- Ye Dharti Ye Nadiya, Ambar Aur Ye Sitare
  • Std II D- Thandi Hawa Gungunaye

The students of Class III were trained in various Ragas and the respective songs by Music Teacher, Mr. Vivek Rathod. The following Ragas and their songs were sung by the students of the respective classes

  • Std III A- Raag Bhairav
  • Std III B- Raag Bhimpalas
  • Std III C- Raag Bhoop
  • Std III D- Raag Bhairavi

Feedback- The students were able to showcase their talent and the experience of learning the Ragas and Songs was enriching and knowledgeable. It was a wonderful experience for the audience as well to start the day on such a melodious note.

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