Jr. KG
Subject/ Unit Topic Oral / Reading Conversation Written work
English Hot/Cold


Big Race

Tales and Tunes

Story: The Hot Cake

Songs: Hot Potato and Cold Spaghetti

Picture Dictionary: Pages:50,51

Phonic Fun:

Tales and Tunes

Story: Where is my home?

Song: If I was a bird

Picture Dictionary: Pages:52,53

Tales and Tunes

Story: The Big Race

O vowel words (ob, od, og, on, ot, op, ox, or)

U vowel words (um, us, ug,  ud, un, ut, up, ub)

Talk about what they like to drink in the morning.

Discuss about home

Explain the meaning of a race.

Small letters-t, u, v, w, x, y, z
EVS Hot/Cold


The Big Race

Sight words: hot, cold, water, cake, ice, snow boil, tea, summer, winter         ,


Sight Words: home, rain, cold, heat, tree, bird, Long, near, far, nest


Sight Words: race, puppy, forest, animal, win

.-Discuss about the temperature of water they use to take bath.

-Food, clothes and things   they use in different seasons.

Discuss about birds and animals homes.

Importance of home.

Activities done at home.

Math Revision of numbers 11-16 and introduction to number 19 and 20

Recognition of number 1-20

Missing number(1-20)

After number(1-20)

Introduction of backward counting with the help of a rhyme(Nine hot cakes)

Concept : long/short         Far/near HLS Pages:64,70,71,72,73,76,77,78,81,83,86,87,89,90
Hindi Akshar:

अं , अः

Rhyme: अ – अः



Creative Sketch book-magic painting of house with candle

Draw a picture of kennel, nest and your own house

Draw an event from a story(where is my home)

Draw the concept of hot/cold



Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Kick a ball and let it pass through tunnel or card board box

Throw a ball at a given target

Play a game of hopscotch

Beading, lacing boards, blocks and puzzles

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook


  • Ticking Time
  • Little Discoveries
  • All Time Rhymes

This/That Sentences

Yes/No Concept

‘oo’ long and short sound

‘ee’  long and short sound

Position words-in, on ,under

Use of ‘and’

Play Game –

  • Statue
  • Treasure Hunt
  • One two take away
  • How many are there on the tree
  • Show, add and take away


Role Play-

‘Humpty Dumpty’: go on an investigation of wall

Ticking Time-

– Draw a clock to tell time.

-Underline ‘i’ words in the story

Little Discoveries

-See the picture and tell the story

-Underline ‘o’ vowel words

-Ask questions about the story

-Sorting the words according to their end sound

All Time Rhymes-

– Sing famous nursery rhymes.

– Draw who can jump on bed other than monkeys

  • Picture reading


  • Hickory Dickory Dock
  • On a Gardener’s Apple Tree
  • Old Mother Goose
  • Dotted frogs


  • ‘i’ vowel story

Mr. Fix it -Can You Fix?

  • ‘o’ vowel story

Mox the Fox and Bob the Dog

  • ‘u’ vowel story

Tup the Pup

Ticking Time-S4, S5

Little Discoveries –S3, S4, S5

All Time Rhymes – S2, S5


Conversation (Ticking Time) 

-Discuss about different things we do at different times in a day.

-Read time by a clock.

-Play the game Earn your favorite time.

-Talk about the usefulness of clocks and calendars.

Conversation and experiments (Little Discoveries)

– Experiment to explore the shape of water in different containers

– Magnet fun.

– Touch and talk about wet and dry objects.

– Experiment with objects which can be and objects which can’t be squeezed

Conversation (All Time Rhymes)

-Sing the nursery rhymes and talk about them.

-Discuss about what we learn from these rhymes.

– Talk about how things are different from olden times.

-Make and sing your own rhyme.

-Act as a character of any nursery rhyme.


-Make and count bundles in a minute

-take away numbers

-Count and say how many.

-Strike and count how many are left.

Number Names: Fifty

Number Values:1-90

After Numbers:1-40

Oral counting :1-100

Backward counting:50-0


य से ष

Poems- Hindi Vitan Pg-63

Matching picture with word

Circle the correct letter

Oral- read two letter words

Value Education: Honesty

Life Skills: Punctuality


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