Std I
Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Book / Student Workbook Note Book Work Activities to do at home
English Block 24– Position Words

Block 22– Personal Narrative

Block 23– Informative Text.

Understanding the position words with the help of activities and games of giving and telling instructions.

To read and write the stories and learn how to give information about something.

Learning to write about few personal favourite places.

Content Book- Pg. Nos. 134 to 162

Work Book- Pg. Nos. 29 to 43

Literature- Spelling, Meanings, Opposites, Questions and Answers, Frame Sentences.

Grammar- Position words,

Words with ‘ou’ and ‘ow’ and ‘oo’.

Parents can play a game of giving and following instructions.

Parents can take them to different places and draw their attention to various things available and happening in the surroundings.

Parents can read informative stories with their children.

E.V.S Block23-A Rainy Day

Block 24– Weather and seasons

Effects of rain on rain. Importance of rain. Content Book- Pg. Nos. 141 to 152

Work Book Pg. Nos. 34 to 43

Spelling, Question and Answers, Fill in the Blanks, Give Reasons. Colouring art activity e.g making of wrist band using the colours of rainbow.

Read the weather forecast in the newspaper and identify the weather indicators.

Math Block 24–  Introduction to Time

Block 22– Flat and Solid Shapes.

Block 23– Introduction to patterns

List activities performed during different times of the day and maintain a calendar.

Sorting shapes using cut-outs,

Create patterns and extend patterns created by others,

Content Book- Pg. Nos. 135 to 152

Work Book- Pg Nos. 30 to 46

Sums based on subtraction will be solved with different strategies. Understanding and drawing different shapes. Understanding and identifying and drawing the patterns. Students to be asked to look for flat shapes in solid shapes to understand the relationship between flat shapes and solid shapes.

Parents can turn on the radio and ask the children to clap to the music. Parents can give their child set of things such as glasses and cups or forks and spoons that they can use to make patterns

Hindi * सभीमात्राओंकीपुनरावृत्ति

* अंक और उनके नाम  १ – १०

*चित्रकावर्णनअपनेशब्दोंमेंकरना |

* मौखिकपरीक्षा

* कवितायाद करना

*पाठ वाचन

* चित्र का निरीक्षणकर उसके बारे में बताना, मौखिकपरीक्षा

*पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्य करना

* नए शब्द

नए शब्द लिखना| सभी वर्णों को मात्रा लगाना
Marathi लेखनसराववाचनसराव

मूळाक्षरे वाचन लेखन

माझे पुस्तक १ ,२ चा सराव

मूळाक्षरे लेखन. वाचन सामान्यज्ञान,

अंकवाचन ,माझे पुस्तक १,२  लेखन

अंकलिपी ,मराठी चार्ट लेखन वाचन सराव उजळणी ,लेखन सराव
V.Ed Embracing Failures and mistakes Videos, Stories, Journal Work Journal Work Life Skill- To accept failure in a positive manner.
Std II
Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Bk / Student Wk Bk Note Book Work Activities to do at home
ENGLISH B 22 and 23-  My day with daddy

B 25 – If I were (poetry)

Describe cause and effect of feelings, read a story to know how events affect a story, use a concept map, use a flow chart to write a paragraph, identify syllables, compose a poem. B22,23  Cp Pg 134 -148

W B Pgs 29-38

B25  –Pg 159-162  WB 44-48

Lit- B 22,23  ( Notes)

Grammar- Revision of past tense, conjunctions

Parents to encourage children to write about special events, to maintain a journal,  write poems and read them aloud
EVS B21-  Push and Pull (cont)

B22- Shadows

B23- Metal and wood

B24- Useful rocks

Using different objects to understand push and pull; form shadows, experiment and observe the change in the size of the shadow; sort and group metallic and wooden objects, learn qualities of metal eg sinking/floating; observe and compare different samples of rock, mineral and soil. CB-Pgs 129-152


Q&A, FIB , Give reasons etc Parents to show examples of push and pull at home, to form different shadows using hands, show objects made of rocks
MATH B15- Weight & capacity (cont)

B21- Subtraction 2 digits

B22- Subtraction 2 digits with regrouping

B23- Time, Calendar

Making balance using hanger/stick, using balance to measure weight, measuring water with cup; subtraction using place value/blocks; recall days of the week & months of the year, use of today, tomorrow & dayafter to show days with calendar, identify festivals and seasons of the month Textbook :pgs 93-98,129-146

W/B :  vol 2 pgs 35-39, vol 3- pgs 25-39

Problems on capacity; Exercise on subtraction, word problems; reading a calendar and answering questions Make simple balance and use it to compare weights of different objects; encourage children to make story sums using subtraction facts, calculate change while buying things; children to read the calendar and mark important days.
HINDI १४.समय( कविता)

१५.लोमड़ी की  सच्चाई ( कहानी )

* अंक ११ – २५

* दिनों के नाम

* शब्दभंडार , चित्रकावर्णनअपने शब्दों  मेंकरना|पाठवाचन, नएशब्द



  • मौखिकपरीक्षा
  • कवितायाद करना|
  • पाठ के नीचे दिया गया कार्य  करवाना|
नएशब्द लिखना|


कविता याद करे और नए शब्दों को याद करे|
MARATHI सामान्यज्ञान , माझेपुस्तक 4 चेवाचन ,लेखन ऋ ची मात्रा लेखन ,चित्रातील माणसे  आवाज, स्वल्पविराम , माझे पुस्तक ४ लेखनवाचनसराव लेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणी
V.Ed Embracing Failures And Mistakes Videos, stories, journal work ———————— Journal work Life Skill – To accept failure in a positive manner.
Sub Topic Class Room Activities Content Bk (Green)/ Student Wk Bk Note Book Work Activities to do at home
Eng Lit :Block: 22,23 Differentiating between facts and opinions

Writing a persuasive essay

CB- Pg Nos.:129-139

WB- Pg Nos.25-38

Lit: Ls. -Spell drill, Word Meanings, Question and Answers

Grammar: Revision Exercises

Parents to encourage their children to support their opinions with facts while conversing at home, help them to differentiate between facts and opinions.
EVS Sci B 18 – Materials and their Forms

Sc. B – 19 – Soil

SS – B 17 – Earth and its Neighbour.

SS – B – 18 Physical Features of the Earth.

Different types of shapes with 1 – rupee coin, —– cap, coke cap. Things given to sort out. solid,  liquid and gaseous. Content B

Sci. 112 – 121

SS – 106 – 115

Sci– WB 9 to 18

SS WB – 5 to 13


Fill in the blanks.

Questions answer


Children can be taken to a planetarium so that they can visualise the universe and learn about it features, children could be asked to identify the physical features of their city or town. Ask your child to name solids and liquids with the reasons. Collect sample of soil and explore their properties.
Math Block 22- Fractions

Block 23- Money

Block 25- Time

Dividing circle, square etc into halves, thirds and fourths.

Using different denominations to make an amount. Preparing bills to find the amount of change. Reading time on an analogue clock to nearest half and quarter hour.

CB: Block 22, 23 and 25

WB 3: pg.30 to 38

Pg. 45 to 48

Writing fraction for the shaded/ unshaded part.

To find ½, 1/3 and ¼ of a given number.

Write the time in different ways.

Draw hands to show the given time.

Making bill.

Word problems on money.

Block 22- parents can use food items like pizza, chapatti etc or paper to discuss fractions.

Block 23- preparing bills for the given items.

Block 25- Reading time in analogue clock and write it in different ways.

Hindi पाठ . – पाठशाला, Dictation words, sentences, speaking activity पाठ का सस्वर वाचन, प्रश्न – उत्तर चर्चा,  speaking activity पाठकेनीचेदियागयास्वाध्याय कठिनप्रश्न, प्रश्नोत्तर, व्याकरण पाठकेनीचेदियागयास्वाध्याय, पाठपठन, प्रश्न – उत्तर, कठिनशब्दयादकरना
Marathi दोरीवर चढू या,झाड ,कागदाचे कपडे इ.प्रश्न उत्तर ,समानार्थी ,विरुद्धार्थी  शब्द  वचन माझे पुस्तक ६  वाचन ,लेखन


माझे पुस्तक ६ लेखन वाचन सराव लेखन वाचन सराव  उजळणी
V.Ed Embracing Failures And Mistakes Videos, stories, journal work ———————— Journal work Life Skill – To accept failure in a positive manner.
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