Jr. KG

Subject/ Unit

Oral work

Classroom Activities

Stories and poems

Written work


GK & Conversation

My world in colours

Mixing Colours

Shapes around me

Land Transport

Give words beginning with the letter sound.

Picture Dictionary: Describing pictures in 3-4 familiar words

Colour’s , Food we eat,

My family and me, vehicles

Sight words: rules, book, read, hold, colours, red, yellow, blue

Sight words: circle ,square

                     triangle, rectangle

                      semicircle, star


Sight words: In-out

                     over –under


                    front – back

Phonic drill S, A, T, I N ,P,C,K

Match objects with  basic colours like Red, Yellow and Blue,

Walk in the school garden- Observe colours of things in nature

Introduction of shapes : rectangle, star and semi circle

Explore shapes and relate to objects in the environment

Pretend play to explore movements and sounds made by different vehicles

Explore positional directions through games and activities

Game- give clues and guess the name the vehicle.

Related letter stories from Phonic Fun

Rhymes: 10 little fingers, If you are happy and you know it, My Red Balloon, Yellow colour

Story: My red ball

Rhymes: Rainbow song


Rhymes: Shapes, I can see stars

Story :Magic box

Story: The car wash

Rhymes: Wheels of the bus

Driving in my car

Traffic signal

Write letters S, A, T, I N ,P,C,K

My World in colours

S2 to  S5

Mixing Colours

S2  to S4

Shapes around me

S1 to S5

Land Transport

S1 to  S5


Concept of mixing  two colours

to make a new colour

Discussing  traffic rules and safety rules to be followed while sitting in a bus/car

Mix colours Blue and Yellow to  make green

Mix colours Red and Yellow to make Orange

Mix colour red and blue to make purple


Counting number of days

Rote counting 1 to 15

Identify numerals 6 to 10

Jig saw puzzles.

Sorting as per shapes, colours, and size, sequencing, pairing.

Write numeral 1 and 2


Recognition of letter 

Name words beginning with 

Songs-Dhobi Aaya, Barish Aayi, Ghan


Draw objects according to colour

Blot Painting

Origami( Folding paper in half)

Use shapes and draw objects

Drawing pictures using positional words

Gross Motor Skills

Fine Motor Skills

Walk on straight and curved line. Walk on a narrow beam, Balance on one foot, Play on slides, Game: I spy…

Blocks and puzzles, clay, threading beads, painting

             Value Education:     * Take care of your belongings Life skills:    * Follow directions

                                         * Help your Parents                                                                                                                                                             * Not hurting others.

Jr KG A:

Jr KG B:                                                                                                                    Pre-Primary Coordinator                                                                               Principal

Jr KG C:

Jr KG D:


Name:                                                 Jr

Sr. KG



Classroom Activities

Stories and Poems

Note book, Pattern book and Workbook



  • Look what I can do
  • Clean and healthy me
  • Jobs people do

‘e’ vowel  words

  • Rhyming words.
  • Sentence making using ‘a’, ‘e’ vowel words
  • Reading Communicate in English book –‘a’ ,’e’  vowel words
  • Phonic Reader –‘e’ vowel words stories
  • Reading Express – Look what I can do, Jobs people do

Sight words:

     short, long, same, this,  jump, clap, dance, skip, run, slide, crawl, paint, read, milkman, gardener, postman, driver, teacher, washerwoman, post office, letters, parcel, post office, stamps, envelopes, letters, post box   

* Clean tag

* Playing musical instrument

* Statue game

* Throw ball at a target

* Lacing cards

* Shoe lacing

* Mock Post office


  • Pati pati
  • Pia fell sick
  • Helpers


  • Head, shoulders, knees and toes
  • 5 little monkeys
  • Nicky Knacky, Knocky noo
  • Rat-a-tat-tat
  • Everybody do this
  • Not hard at all
  • After a bath
  • Here we go round the mulberry bush
  • Community Helpers
  • Ten little firemen
  • Miss Molly

Note Book and pattern book

  • 3 letter ‘e’ vowel words
  • Rhyming words
  • Sentence making of vowel words.

For example:

I have a pen.

I like to eat jam.


  • B-7 – S-4
  • B-8 – S-3 to  S-5




  • Recognition of different times of the day i.e. morning, afternoon, evening, night





Indoor and Outdoor games

  • Sketch book-
    • Draw favourite food
    • Draw post office
  • Visit to the school kitchen
  • Visit to the post office
  • Role play


  • B-7 – S-5
  • B-8 – S-2


After Numbers






  • Sketch book-
    • Draw long and short
    • Draw tall and short
    • Draw more and less

Note Book

After numbers 1 to 20

Numerals 31 to 40

Number Names  4, 5, 6

Values 11 to 15



B-7- S-2

B-9 – S-1 to S-5


Revision of Swar   (🙂

Reading and listening skill

Practicing on slates

Hindi work book (Akshar Rachana)

(अं, :, , )


Life Skills – * Learn to be good listener                                                             Value Education –   * Respect for elders.

                     * Respect for self.                                                                                                                  * Helping at home   


Sr KG A:

Sr KG B:                                                                                                                    Pre-Primary Coordinator                                                                  Principal

Sr KG C:

Sr KG D:

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