Venue: Atrium in Pre-Primary Building
Date: 22nd
 & 24th Jan’18

Singing Competition for Sr.KG was held on 22nd January, 2018 and for Jr. KG on 24th January, 2018.

All students got a fair chance to showcase their talent. Many of them came well prepared and put forth their enthralling performance. Children sang a variety of songs like: My Earth My Home…., I Am Barbie…, Funny Funny Monkeys….., We Shall Overcome…., If I Were a Butterfly……, Aeroplane, Aeroplane…. and many more.

The competition was judged by our talented staff Mrs. L.Iyer, Mrs. D. Chirayil, Mrs. J.Gayatri and Mrs. V.Rodrigues. The occasion was witnessed by our principal Mrs. V.Ronurkar. Children were supported by their respective class teachers.  All of them sang to their best.

The winners list is as follows:

Date Class-Div 1st Position 2nd Position 3rd Position
22.01.18 Sr.KG-Peacock AnvayiRaut RudraaSakhare Anagha Patil
22.01.18 Sr.KG-Swan Aanshi Bhatia Krishvee Shah Urvi Pore
22.01.18 Sr.KG-Dove Sonal Kumar Aditya Abhiraam PrinceeBagade
24.01.18 Jr.KG-Daisy Aryahi Singh & Vihal Singh AdvaitaLabade Shoubhit Sinha Sumedh Kumar Kanukolanu
24.01.18 Jr.KG-Tulip AtharvKhemariya Snigdha Santosh Ishanvi Pareek
24.01.18 Jr.KG-Daffodil Pranjali Gupta Anwesha Joshi Omneet Sharma
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