International Yoga Day – 21st June 2016

yoga-day-vpms-nashikStudents and teachers celebrated International Yoga Day enthusiastically in the school as soon as the assembly was over.

Students from std. 8th to 10th participated in the event for one hour. Various yoga exercises were performed by teachers and students.

Asanas like Sarvangasan, Padmasan, Dhanurasan, Shirsasan, Suryanamaskar, Vakrasan were performed by the students as well as teachers.

Workshop for students – 21st June 2016


A workshop for students of std. 8th to 10th was organized in the school, where Police Inspector from Ambad Police Station was invited in the school.

The Police Officer, in a very friendly gesture guided students to join police force as a career and also made aware of the crimes that takes place in the childhood. The Police Inspector also made aware of the Do’s and Don’ts of the child behavior in the adolescent age.  At the end of workshop students eagerly asked various questions to the Police Inspector.

Month End Club Activities – June 2016

june-club-activityIn the month end club activities students from the different classes had various activities. In the Magic hands clubs activity students were taught to make decorative photo frames.

In the Cookery club students were taught to make ‘Club Sandwich’ students were taught to cleanly peel and cut the vegetables with the use of proper kitchen tools and keep their working place clean, neat and tidy.

Investiture Ceremony – 1st July 2016

investiture-vpmsnInvestiture ceremony was held after the assembly. Students for std. 4th to 10th  were present for the ceremony. In the presence of resp. Principal Mam and the Supervisor Mam the oath was sworn, by the School Head Boy, Head Girl, Captain, Vice Captain And The Marshals.

Tree Plantation Event – 1st July 2016

tree-plantationStudent of Std. 7th to 9th were taken to a near by hill for the tree plantation event which was sponsored by ‘Anand Kanan – Green Revolution’ Nashik. Students planted around 150 plants at the  foot steps of the hill and also sown the  seeds. Students were guided by the volunteers of the Green Revolution team.