“Save today, survive tomorrow ………Save Trees”

The theme  for 2018 is Forests and Sustainable Cities.The International Day of Forests is a great way to raise awareness, students shared some very simple tips that one can use at home or at work to reduce the impact and help to save forests:

1. Go paperless: use technology at the office, at home or at the bank by requesting electronic documents, bills, etc. Send e-mails instead of faxes or paper mail, and use electronic memos and instead of paper bulletins.

2. Print less : First ask yourself if you really need to print that document. If the answer is no, then no need to print it out.

3. Print smart: If you really need to print that document, then print on both sides, use smaller font and print a single copy that you can pass around.

4. Reuse paper : by collecting scrap paper and reusing it as note paper is a great idea.

5. Recycle all paper material and choose recycled paper:  By choosing products made from recycled paper, we can save trees.

Some interesting facts on forest and trees were read out along with the importance of forest in our lives.   In the end students read out the slogans and messages for everyone to understand the importance of the day.

March 21st was also celebrated as World Poetry Day.

Two Students of Std 7 Ruhi P and Savitri K recited the poems based on saving forests, animal  and plant life written by them.

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