Special Assembly – French National Day


A special assembly was conducted on the 12th July 2018 to celebrate the French National Day. The French National Day commemorates the storming of the Bastille on 14th July 1789, an important event in Paris in the French revolution, which began two days earlier as well as the Fête de la Federation which celebrated the unity of the people on 14 July 1790.

Students showcased the glimpses of French Revolution. The students performed a play on the injustice  faced by common people of  France due to increase of taxes ordered by the King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. This had led to a revolt. People stormed into the Bastille prison to free their fellows who had been imprisoned wrongly by the King. A celebration song was also presented. The song was followed by the Idole Indienne Française. 5 students showcased their singing talent out of which two participants (Ms. Arshia Singh and Ms. N. S. Maithereyi) were chosen for the next round which will be conducted by IATF and Alliance Française.

The show ended with the National Anthem  “La Marseillaise”.

Special Assembly – Compassion Day